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The countdown to the XXV Olympic Winter Games has already begun. They will take place from 6 to 22 February 2026, with the Opening Ceremony at the San Siro Stadium in Milan. Following this, the Paralympic Winter Games will be […]

Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games – Milano Cortina 2026, at your side to experience them

Have you ever thought how original and unforgettable it is to experience Venice from a completely unusual perspective? That is why we have decided to specialise in unique proposals and events on boats. Our offers are divided between large events […]

Our boat events in Venice

Have you always imagined a dream wedding in Venice? We will help you realise your memorable event! Venice is certainly one of the most romantic and glamorous destinations, but at the same time the most delicate and articulate way to […]

Your wedding in Venice

Let’s try to go beyond the classic Venice, discover its most unknown and interesting curiosities. Here is our top 10 : 1. THE SECRET GARDENS OF VENICE Contrary to popular belief, Venice offers many green spaces. Many of them are […]


1. Islands and bridges Venice is formed of 124 islands, these are connected by more 400 bridges. The only bridges on the Grand Canal are the Scalzi Bridge, Rialto and the Accademia Bridge. 2. Sinking of venice Venice is sinking […]

Redentore Venezia 2019

The Redeemer party is an event not to be missed, an occasion that will make you live like a Venetian. This one is celebrated every third Sunday of July, this year it will take place Saturday 17 July 2021 in […]