Redentore Venezia 2019

The Redeemer party is an event not to be missed, an occasion that will make you live like a Venetian.

This one is celebrated every third Sunday of July, this year it will take place Saturday 17 July 2021 in the picturesque setting of the St. Mark’s Basin. The numerous boat parties and the fireworks display will make the evening unforgettable.

The Redeemer Party goes back to 1577 when, at the end of the terrible plague that struck the city, the citizens commissioned Andrea Palladio to build the church of the Redeemer on the island of Giudecca. Every year, on the occasion of the Redentore, a 330 metre long votive bridge of boats is built. This one connects the church of the Redeemer to the Zattere, a long foundation that constitutes the southern limit of the city of Venice.

This year the Redeemer Party will begin on Saturday, July 18 with the blessing of the Patriarch and the opening of the votive bridge. It will be followed by the presentation of the participants in the Venetian rowing regatta and with the fireworks display at 11.30 pm during the celebrations.

On Sunday, July 19, you can attend the regatta from 4 pm to 6 pm. At 7 pm there will be a final votive mass at the Church of the Redeemer.

It is therefore a party that allows you to enjoy the most authentic and cosy side of Venice, but also the most fashionable, dictated by boat festivities and spectacular fireworks.

Live the Feast of the Redeemer 2021 on a boat with us! You will feel like a real Venetian!

This year, Saturday 17 July 2021, you can decide to spend the magic of the Redeemer Festival on boat with us!

Boat party from St. Mark’s Square

We offer you an exclusive party on board of a panoramic cruise in the lagoon of Venice. We have three embarkation points: San Marco, Terminal Fusina (with car park) and Punta Sabbioni. The event will start with a welcome cocktail on the sun deck of our two-storey motorboat with panoramic terrace. The evening will continue with a navigation in the lagoon and in the St. Mark’s Basin. From here you can admire the votive bridge and the slow sunset that will drop over Venice.

In the meantime, a fish-based dinner will be served on board. Consult the menu in the gallery of our event! Ah is also available the vegetarian option 😉. A little taste: sardines in saor Venetian style, paella Valencian style, fried fish… and I stop because I’m already hungry.

After that you can admire the enchanting fireworks display, which will start at about 11.30 pm, from a privileged position in the St. Mark’s Basin. The invite is to let you be transported by the magic of the festivities until the first hours of the following day. For the more party-lovers we suggest to continue the party at the Lido of Venice, as is the tradition of many Venetians, to wait for dawn on the beach as a good omen.

An event that will simply leave its mark! A magical night worthy of memorable memory! Take a look at our proposal for the Feast of the Redeemer in Venice and let yourself be inspired.